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Sonalika is a leading tractor company catering to the worldwide demands of Agricultural mechanization through its no. 1 integrated Tractor manufacturing plant. With its highly designed products, it is presently catering to 130+ countries.

Sonalika generated a massive amount of leads on their digital platforms. They were unable to find a suitable way to cater to their audience. 

Notbot’s chatbots helped Sonalika to cater to their audience in a well-organized, professional manner which proved profitable both for their business and their customers.

How Notbot’s chatbots helped Sonalika handle their leads competently:

Notbot’s chatbots provided virtual assistants to their customers who provided instant assistance on Whatsapp. They just had to visit Sonalika’s official page and click on the WhatsApp help icon. Customers reached out to Sonalika on WhatsApp whenever they required more information or faced any problem related to certain products on service. 

Notbot’s WhatsApp feature enabled customers to:

  • Enquire about new tractors models launched in the market
  • Acquire a Sonalika dealership
  • Gather information about extra parts of automobiles
  • Register complaints and feedbacks

Using Notbot’s chatbots reduced their customer service cost to a great degree by eliminating the need for human executives to sell their products and provide customer care services.

Integration with Facebook ads helped Sonalika in establishing immediate communication with their customers and targeted those clients who were genuinely interested in purchasing from Sonalika. 

Want to increase your revenue using Whatsapp?


Notbot has helped 100+ companies to increase their revenue 3x by leveraging WhatsApp.

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