Complete WhatsApp Marketing Demo Vidoes

How to sign up with WhatsApp Official API

To sign up for a WhatsApp Business API account:

1) Click “Create new WABA” on the dropdown. If it doesn’t work, use Chrome and click “Login with Facebook”.

2) Log in with an old Facebook account. If you have a Meta business account, select it; if not, sign up for one.

3) Click “next”, then select “Create a New WhatsApp Business account”.

4) Enter a WhatsApp Business Account name and display name that matches your legal name or website. Choose a category for your account.

5) Provide an active HTTPS website URL. Enter a mobile number not linked to WhatsApp, request an OTP, and input it once received.

6) After OTP verification, select a WABA from the dropdown and save.

7) To fully connect your number, set up two-factor authentication with a six-digit pin.

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How to create Text-Only templates in Notbot

This video provides a step-by-step tutorial on “How to create a text-only template” in the Notbot Dashboard using the WhatsApp Business API.

Steps to create a Text Only Template –

1) Click on the view icon.

2) Select the option to create a template.

3) Enter a template name.

4) Choose a category and language.

5) Add a Header or Footer if required.

6) Write the body of your template message. While inserting variables take care of the following things-

– A template cannot end or start with a variable.
– A full line cannot be just a variable; there should be some characters before or after the variable.

7) No photos or buttons are added to this template since it’s just a text template.

8) The final step is to preview the template and submit it for approval.

The approval process can take anywhere from 5 minutes to two days. Until approved, the status will show as “pending”. Once approved, the template will be visible on the dashboard.