DigiLocker APIs

Pull Verified Documents
using our APIs & SDK

Use the DigiLocker APIs to easily fetch verified documents straight from the respective departments directly in your platform with the help of our APIs and SDK.

DigiLocker is one of the most disruptive steps taken by the Government of India to promote the digital revolution in the country under which the government is aiming to digitally empower Indian Society.DigiLocker was launched to boost the idea of paperless governance by providing a platform for issuance and verification of documents digitally, thus eliminating the need for the physical document.

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The DigiLocker functions the same way as a virtual vault for your documents. Consider it the online equivalent of a bank locker, except you, can use it to store all of your official documents, such as Aadhaar, PAN, and Driving License. The DigiLocker is a Government of India project. By using DigiLocker, you can avoid the hassle of carrying documents around with you. When you sign up for DigiLocker, you’ll get 1GB of storage space for all of your essential documents.



Rapid start-up

With thousands of APIs available, your onboarding software likely can integrate with APIs and quickly get enhanced ID verification capabilities up and running.


You can finalize accounts faster and save your customers from long waits if you collect quality data during onboarding.


API technology allows you to integrate multiple data inputs from different providers or homegrown systems, reducing the time required to use different systems.


ID verification partners can cast a wide net for data from many sources using API technology, ensuring accurate information that serves your needs.


With cloud and software-as-a-service deployments, you won’t be drowning in data requirements as your company grows.

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